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HIPAA May Not Cover Personal Health Data Patients Disclose Online

HIPAA protects patients from unauthorized disclosure of personal information by covered entities such as medical practices and hospitals, but out from under the HIPAA umbrella, patients are mostly on their own, according to the authors of a recent report.
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HIPAA-Based Suit Dismissed by Court

Medical records in a sexual assault case were obtained by the suspect’s mother, a nurse at the hospital. Read what happened in this HIPAA-based case.
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Alleged HIPAA Violation or Termination for Taking FMLA?

A court must choose whether to accept a hospital's explanation that a nurse was fired for violating HIPAA or let a jury decide whether the hospital's action was merely a pretext for firing the nurse for taking advantage of FMLA.
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HIPAA Violation Derails NP’s Career

A HIPAA violation harms the successful career of a healthcare provider and causes problems for her former and current employers.
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A costly HIPAA violation

After a major car accident, two providers disclose a patient's health information to his employer.
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Facets of HIPAA 

An inadvertent mistake in transferring a patient's records reveals his HIV status to his employer.
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