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Your search for HIPAA returned 67 results

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A costly HIPAA violation

After a major car accident, two providers disclose a patient's health information to his employer.
Infectious Diseases Information Center

Seven Things to Consider When Transitioning to Telemedicine During COVID-19

The dramatic and rapid expansion in telemedicine has left many clinicians scrambling to institute this new means of conducting medicine; and even more seasoned providers who had been using telemedicine in their practice must learn to move telemedicine from the periphery to front and center of their practice.

Bleeding blister forms after thorn accident

A white man aged 59 years presented with a “thorn blister” on his finger that appeared two months prior. The man worked in the produce section of a large supermarket, and he believed that he was stuck by a thorn while handling fruit, causing a red blister that initially grew rapidly but then remained stable…

Derm Dx: Elderly man with blue-gray pigmentation

by Kristy Fleming, MD An 87-year-old man presented to the dermatology clinic concerned about a gradual darkening of his bilateral lower extremities. The patient reported that he began developing blue-gray macules a few months prior to presentation. The lesions have slowly continued to progress and do not spontaneously resolve. He denied pain, pruritus or known…
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A pitchfork to the head

A young patient sustains a serious injury while playing with his brother.

Derm Dx: Dark papules after stage IA melanoma

A 68-year-old white male with a history of stage IA melanoma presents for his annual full body skin exam. He complains of dark papules on his left ear. The lesions are asymptomatic. On exam, you notice a well-healed scar on his left upper back at the site of melanoma excision. You also note several dark…

Derm Dx: A teen with palmar desquamation

A 19-year-old Hispanic male presents complaining that the skin on his palms has been peeling for several months. He denies any new activities or exposures. The skin is not itchy or painful and, there were no preceding blisters. The patient denies fever or other illness prior to the onset of the condition. He is otherwise…

Derm Dx: White streak on the leg

A mother brings her 4-year-old daughter to the dermatology clinic for her first consultation for a white streak on the leg, which was not present at birth. Twelve months prior, the patient developed very fine pink papules in a linear distribution along the leg and thigh, the mother reports. Subsequently, the papules disappeared leaving only…
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