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Your search for HIV returned 4742 results

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Drug Monograph


Mycophenolate mofetil (as hydrochloride) 500mg/vial; lyophilized pwd for IV infusion after reconstitution and dilution; preservative-free; contains polysorbate 80.
Legal Advisor

HIPAA-Based Suit Dismissed by Court

Medical records in a sexual assault case were obtained by the suspect’s mother, a nurse at the hospital. Read what happened in this HIPAA-based case.
Physician Assistant Career Resources

PA Profile: FQHC Director Susanna Storeng, DMSc, PA-C

This month’s PA Profile features rural health care provider Susanna Storeng, DMSc, PA-C, DFAAPA, CPAAPA, who is director of a federally qualified community health center (FQHC).
Clinical Challenge

Clinical Challenge: Bilateral Blurry Vision

A man in his late 40s comes to the emergency department with a complaint of blurry vision that lasted for approximately 20 minutes before returning to normal. The loss of focused vision affected both eyes. Can you make the diagnosis?

DermDx: Scaling Reddish-Brown Lesions on Child’s Back

A 5-year-old boy presents with sudden onset of small, scabbed lesions on the back that spread over the next week to cover the entire torso and part of his arms and legs. What is your diagnosis?

OrthoDx: Lower Back Pain in Lacrosse Player

An 18-year-old athlete with chronic lower back pain for over a year reports new-onset pain and weakness down the right leg that started a few months ago. What is the most likely diagnosis?
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