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Your search for HIV returned 4762 results

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DermDx: White Papular Rash on 4-Year-Old Child

A 4-year-old Hispanic boy is brought in for evaluation of a rash affecting his mid and lower back that appeared several weeks earlier. Can you make the diagnosis?
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Top May & June 2022 FDA Approvals

May and June 2022 FDA approvals include treatments from alopecia areata, H. pylori, Crohn disease, plaque psoriasis, and Wilson disease.
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The Workweek Revolution: a Solution to the Health Care Exodus

The author describes the evolution of the workweek and how shortening the expected hours for full-time work without a decrease in compensation may increase the well-being of health care providers while not decreasing current productivity.
Dermatologic Look-Alikes

Nodules on Face

Can you diagnose the skin diseases in this Dermatologic Look-Alikes challenge?
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