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Your search for HPV returned 282 results

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How to recognize and manage HPV infections

Most sexually active people have been exposed to the human papillomavirus, which causes genital warts and cervical cancer. Here's what you should do.
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I currently test for human papillomavirus (HPV) DNA as a marker for HPV infection. With the advent of the HPV vaccine, how will clinicians be able to distinguish between an active HPV infection and immunity? Will HPV tests for antibodies and antigens be available similar to those for hepatitis B?—Karin Greer, MS, MPH, PA-C, East…
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Cervical Pre-invasive – Role of Vaccines

Cervical Pre-invasive – Role of Vaccines 1. What every clinician should know Are you sure your patient has the disease? What should you expect to find? Cervical cancer has an estimated incidence of 12,990 new cases and 4,120 deaths in the United States in 2016. Worldwide, over a half of a million women are diagnosed…
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