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Your search for Mediterranean diet returned 82 results

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Does Timing of Meals Affect Weight Gain?

A new study confirms that the timing of meals affects cardiometabolic risk factors and the ability to lose weight.
Gastroenterology Information Center

Insights on Improving Care for Patients With NAFLD/NASH

The American Gastroenterological Association offered strategies for clinical practice, future research, and policy agenda for the treatment of patients with NAFLD and NASH.
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Unhealthy diets outpace healthy diets in most countries

The greatest improvements in diet quality were in high-income nations, with increases in the amount of healthy foods people ate and slight decreases in their intake of unhealthy foods.

Another risk factor turns up for diabetes

Diabetes has long been recognized by clinicians as a risk factor for heart disease. Now a study shows the association works both ways: MIs pose a significant risk for developing diabetes or impaired fasting glucose (IFG), a prediabetic condition. In the study, an American-Italian team analyzed data involving 8,291 patients collected during an earlier randomized…
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How Can Women Prevent Weight Gain in Menopause?

Researchers delineate strategies to prevent weight gain and body composition changes among women during perimenopause and menopause.
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