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Your search for SSRI returned 624 results

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I have been prescribing mirtazapine (Remeron) and paroxetine (Paxil) to control violence, aggressivity, and psychotic behaviors in young patients with mental retardation. These agents control violence within a few days (not one to two weeks), while neuroleptics fail. Can you explain the effect and the speed of action?—Truc H. Dao, MD, Rowland Heights, Calif. It…
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Publication bias accounts for SSRI benefit in autism

Both positive and negative clinical trial results must be made available to researchers and the public in order to accurately guide therapy and prevent unnecessary repetition in research.
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Maca root used to enhance sexual performance

Valued for its energy-boosting and aphrodisiac qualities, maca root has been shown to increase libido and reduce symptoms of sexual dysfunction.

Sertraline for constipation

Is sertraline effective as an off-label treatment for irritable bowel syndrome?
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