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Novel H6N1 bird flu jumps to humans

A woman from Taiwan has been infected with novel H6N1 influenza A virus, an avian influenza that's been circulating since 1972.
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New bird flu strain kills two

H7N9 influenza A, a strain of avian flu not previously known to infect humans, has sickened seven and killed two in China.
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H7N9 bird flu resistant to oseltamivir

A study shows that drug-resistant mutations have been identified in patients infected with the avian H7N9 influenza A virus.
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FDA approves H5N1 bird flu vaccine

The vaccine is not intended for commercial distribution, but to supplement the national stockpile of influenza vaccines in the event of a pandemic.
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Nicknamed "nature's flu fighter," products of concentrated elderberry juice have been proven useful in shortening the duration of influenza symptoms in more than 50% of cases.
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