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Coffee: A Cup a Day Keeps Heart Failure Away

Drinking coffee is linked to a lower risk of heart failure, challenging previous assumptions about caffeine consumption and heart health.

Coffee may cut diabetes risk

Moderate coffee consumption is associated with a reduced risk of having diabetes, according to researchers in Greece. The findings come from a study of 500 men and 437 women (aged 65-100 years) from Cyprus, Crete, and other Mediterranean islands. Of the 937 subjects, 84% of them reported drinking coffee. All were asked about the frequency…
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Coffee may lower melanoma risk

People who drank one to three cups a day had about a 10% decreased risk of melanoma compared with those who drank none at all.
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Coffee may cut type 2 diabetes risk

New research suggests that those who drink an additional cup of coffee a day are less likely to develop type 2 diabetes.
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