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Tipranavir 100mg/mL; contains Vit.E 116 IU/mL; buttermint-butter toffee flavor.

Speak up now—2008 will be too late

Now that the 2008 presidential race is in full swing, each of the candidates is out on the hustings promoting a variety of issues. While the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq will no doubt be the leading foreign policy issues, our work as nurse practitioners and physician assistants provides us with a unique perspective on…
Dermatologic Look-Alikes

Yellow processes on the face

A patient presents with a yellow plaque on her left eyelid and a yellow papule on her left cheek. Are the two related?
Pediatrics Information Center

Pediatric Migraine: Evidence-Based Alternative Management

Recent high-quality clinical trial evidence has demonstrated that medications commonly prescribed for migraine prevention in pediatric patients were not superior to placebo for reducing headache symptoms.
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