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Your search for hypertension returned 2581 results

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Cardiovascular Disease Information Center

COVID-19 and Takotsubo Syndrome

The authors describe how to diagnose and treat Takotsubo syndrome in a patient with COVID-19.
Legal Advisor

Is Having an Elevated Risk of COVID-19 Complications a Disability?

The court was asked to decide whether individuals with an underlying condition that places them at an elevated risk of complications from exposure to COVID-19 are qualified as disabled under the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
Cardiovascular Disease Information Center

Seasonal Variations in Blood Pressure: What Your Patients Need to Know

As the weather starts getting colder, patients with hypertension should be keeping a more watchful eye on their blood pressure. How does seasonal variation affect blood pressure, and what should you tell your patients?
Clinical Challenge

Clinical Challenge: Diarrhea and Dark Legs

A 72-year-old woman with a history of lung cancer and hypertension presents to the emergency department with diarrhea, which has persisted for 1 to 2 weeks, and darkening of her right lower limb. What is your diagnosis?

DermDx: Painless Deformity of a Fingernail

A 51-year-old woman is seeking treatment for distortion of a fingernail that was first noted several months ago. The condition is asymptomatic. Can you make the diagnosis?
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