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Nephrology Hypertension

Hypertension: Secondary Hypertension

Does this patient have secondary hypertension? Secondary hypertension (HTN) can be defined as HTN that has a specific cause, and thus is potentially curable. Although this has not been carefully evaluated in the literature, it represents about 10-15% of all patients with HTN. Common causes Renal Parenchymal Disease: Chronic kidney disease (CKD), any etiology of…
AANP 2021

Top 5 AANP 2021 Presentations

NP expert reviews the top 5 most practical presentations from AANP 2021 with topics ranging from obesity medications and suicide prevention to managing hypertension in diverse populations and cannabinoid use.
Nephrology Hypertension

Hypertension: Hypertension crisis (Hypertension, hypertensive emergencies, hypertensive urgency, malignant hypertension)

Does this patient have hypertensive crisis Hypertensive crisis is present if the elevated blood pressure (BP) is complicated by progressive target organ dysfunction, e.g., heart failure, coronary vascular disease, aortic dissection, encephalopathy, acute renal failure, intracranial or subarachnoid hemorrhge or fundoscopy reveals hypertensive neuroretinopathy indicative of malignant hypertension. What is hypertensive crisis? What are some…
Nephrology Hypertension

Hypertension: Essential Hypertension

Does this patient have essential hypertension? Prevalence Despite recent advances in the treatment of hypertension, and increased public awareness by the introduction of several public health campaigns such as National Blood Pressure Education Program, hypertension remains a prevalent medical condition affecting ~30% of United States (US) population aged 18 years and older with no significant…
Critical Care Medicine

Hypertensive Crisis; Hypertensive emergency, Accelerated hypertension, Malignant hypertension

1. Description of the problem What every clinician needs to know Severe hypertension is a common scenario encountered in intensive care patients. The role of the clinician is to establish the etiology and to determine whether blood pressure reduction may be detrimental or desirable. Table I. Classification of hypertension Two terms describe conditions associated with…
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