Your search for influenza vaccine returned 363 results

Your search for influenza vaccine returned 363 results

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A more effective flu vaccine?

Flublok Quadrivalent vaccine was 33% more effective in preventing flu than the traditional vaccine.

CDC: Spread the word on flu vaccination

Health-care workers who were required by their employers to be vaccinated against influenza and who had the service offered onsite, had near universal coverage levels.
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FDA approves GSK quadrivalent flu vaccine

The new flu vaccine will protect against two influenza A strains and two influenza B strains to limit the likelihood of a mismatch between the vaccine and circulating viruses.
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Jet injection devices not for flu vaccine, FDA advises

Different methods of delivery have the potential to change the characteristics of approved influenza vaccines, according to FDA, and safety and effectiveness data different forms of administration must first be submitted to the agency's Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research before approval.
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