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Your search for influenza vaccine returned 426 results

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Ending the confusion over pneumonia care

Experts have finally reached a consensus on managing community-acquired pneumonia. Here’s a summary of the new recommendations. Though community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) is commonly seen in primary-care practices, there has been confusion about the standards of treatment. Over the years, a number of sometimes conflicting guidelines were developed by organizations in related specialties. Recently, however, the…

A side effect of the flu vaccine?

A clinician questions wonders if there is a connection between cardiac arrhythmia and the flu vaccine.
Practice Management Information Center

Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021

Clinical Advisor's Director Nikki Kean discusses what 2021 may have in store for both clinicians and patients.

Human papillomavirus in males

The importance of male vaccination cannot be overemphasized, because the risk of male-to-female HPV transmission is significant.
Infectious Diseases Information Center, Pain Management Information Center

Strategies for Minimizing Vaccination Pain in Children

Insufficient pain management during childhood immunizations may lead to increased fear of needles and later health care avoidance.
CME/CE Features

Primary-care prevention of cervical cancer

To reduce the mortality and incidence of this disease, clinicians must be aware of the most recent vaccination and screening guidelines.

Help children keep asthma at bay

Begin to impart asthma information to young patients and/or their caregivers as early as possible.
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