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Your search for influenza vaccine returned 364 results

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Intravenous lupus treatment approved

Belimumab is a human IgG1gamma monoclonal antibody specific for soluble human B lymphocyte stimulator protein (BLyS), a B cell survivor factor.

PCPs can treat COPD without referral

Treatment with a combination of long-acting bronchodilators and inhaled glucocorticosteroids can reduce the rate of decline in lung function.

Immunity to day-care infections

PA questions whether a child would have better immunity to diseases if introduced to day care earlier.

Unexpected flu shot benefit

Efforts to get more patients vaccinated against various influenza infections in this particularly active flu season may have a greater payoff than expected.
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Three-flu-shot protocol

Should elderly patients be given additional vaccines, or is one shot sufficient?

Ending the confusion over pneumonia care

Experts have finally reached a consensus on managing community-acquired pneumonia. Here’s a summary of the new recommendations. Though community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) is commonly seen in primary-care practices, there has been confusion about the standards of treatment. Over the years, a number of sometimes conflicting guidelines were developed by organizations in related specialties. Recently, however, the…
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