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Your search for melanoma returned 200 results

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Identifying those most at risk for melanoma

When you assess your patients for signs of malignant melanoma, consider how much they are in HARMM’s way. That’s the mnemonic acronym devised by dermatologists who analyzed data from 365,000 individual skin exams done from 2001 through 2005. The researchers found five factors that independently increase the likelihood of suspicious lesions. They are: History of…
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Skin cancer hidden under tattoos

Doctors discourage getting tattoos over pre-existing lesions after discovering a cancerous mole on a patient during tattoo removal.
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Nonhealing painless ulcer on the sole

For three years, the patient lived with an enlarging painless ulcer on the sole of his foot. The lesion occasionally drained liquid but never became red or tender.
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Melanoma risk up in those with IBD

Meta-analysis based on cohort studies finds link between IBD and increased risk for developing melanoma.
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