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Your search for metformin returned 318 results

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Twice-daily tablet to control blood sugar

Jentadueto is an oral formulation of linagliptin and metformin indicated as an adjunct therapy to diet and exercise for treating type 2 diabetes.
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Metformin Possibly Beneficial in Advanced Prostate Cancer

In a randomized controlled study, adding metformin to androgen deprivation therapy for low-tumor-volume metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer significantly delayed development of castration-resistant disease.
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To check for renal insufficiency and ward off complications, such as lactic acidosis, I calculate the creatinine clearance of my diabetic patients taking metformin (Glucophage). At what creatinine clearance should I discontinue the medication? Does this value vary with gender or age?—Ivanka Vassileva, MD, Lawton, Okla. Clinicians are now being forced to navigate through often…
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Dapagliflozin treats type 2 diabetes

Farxiga is indicated as an adjunct to diet and exercise to improve glycemic control in adults with type 2 diabetes.

Metformin protects against CV events

Metformin, the first-line drug of choice for controlling type 2 diabetes, has performed favorably in a study comparing its long-term risks with those of individual insulin secretagogues.
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Metformin XR for diabetes care

Patients who forget to take Metformin SR twice daily can be switched to Metformin XR with once daily dosing.
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Glyburide, metformin HCl; 2.5mg/500mg, 5mg/500mg; tabs.