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Your search for nursing returned 2500 results

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Tips on Nursing Care for Transgender Patients

Resource provides guidelines for creating a supportive environment in health care for transgender and gender-nonconforming patients.
Practice Management Information Center

The Workweek Revolution: a Solution to the Health Care Exodus

The author describes the evolution of the workweek and how shortening the expected hours for full-time work without a decrease in compensation may increase the well-being of health care providers while not decreasing current productivity.
Legal Advisor

HIPAA-Based Suit Dismissed by Court

Medical records in a sexual assault case were obtained by the suspect’s mother, a nurse at the hospital. Read what happened in this HIPAA-based case.
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Top May & June 2022 FDA Approvals

May and June 2022 FDA approvals include treatments from alopecia areata, H. pylori, Crohn disease, plaque psoriasis, and Wilson disease.
Beyond Rx OTC Corner, Beyond Rx: OTC Corner

Seasonal Allergies and OTC Nasal Sprays

Allergic rhinitis, including seasonal allergies, is the fifth most common chronic disease in the US. For the vast majority of patients, symptoms of allergic rhinitis can be treated with over-the-counter nasal sprays.