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Your search for prostate cancer returned 370 results

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When is a referral warranted?

A gynecologist’s vague recommendation forces a PA to defend her interpretation before a jury. Ms. K, 48, was an experienced physician assistant in the family practice division of a large HMO. Her caseload was primarily composed of established patients who needed routine checkups. One of them, a woman with a history of cervical cancer, involved…
Dermatologic Look-Alikes

Reminders of sun exposure

Sun exposure is the common link between these two conditions. Can you tell them apart?
Legal Advisor

When tests are clearly necessary

Two clinicians failed to refer a longstanding patient, even though they knew of a history of familial risk.
The Waiting Room

The trouble with finding a preceptor

The demand for qualified nurse practitioners to precept students is outpacing supply. How can we change this?

Correcting common nutritional deficiencies

The typical American diet may not provide all the nutrients needed for good health. You can help patients eat their way to a better life.

Managing UTIs in debilitated patients

A common occurrence among this patient population, urinary tract infection causes significant morbidity and mortality.
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