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Your search for prostate cancer returned 376 results

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Several patients in their 50s and 60s have had their rotator cuff tear diagnosed on MRI. How accurate is MRI for this purpose? Could it be overinterpreted?—Jorge Guzman Ortiz, MD, Jayuya, P.R. The sensitivity and specificity of MRI in detecting even partial tears has been estimated at 88%-100%. However, intermediate signal present within the tendon…
Pain Information Center

US Senate Passes Opioids Bill

Comprehensive bipartisan package earmarks billions of dollars to fight opioid abuse in the United States.
Dermatologic Look-Alikes

Suspicious Nevi

Two patients present with suspicious nevi. Can you make the diagnosis?

Correcting common nutritional deficiencies

The typical American diet may not provide all the nutrients needed for good health. You can help patients eat their way to a better life.

Managing UTIs in debilitated patients

A common occurrence among this patient population, urinary tract infection causes significant morbidity and mortality.
Clinical Pearls

Techniques for blood glucose monitoring

Many patients with diabetes develop poor blood-glucose monitoring habits over time. Reviewing technique helps assure the process is painless.
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