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Your search for sleep restriction returned 117 results

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Prescribing sleep aids wisely

Time demands may make it easier to give a patient a sleep aid the first time they ask, but it isn't always the best practice.

Strategies for patients suffering insomnia

Evaluation and management of chronic insomnia, the most prevalent sleep disorder, may require behavioral as well as pharmacologic therapies.
AAPA 2011

Sleep disorders prevalent in U.S. women

Around 60% of women are tired during the day. A presenter at the American Academy of Physician Assistants' 39th Annual PA Meeting spoke about the causes and offered clinicians tips for treating patients with sleep disorders.
CME/CE Features

An update on treatments for sleep disorders

Insomnia affects the mind as well as the body. Treatment should combine psychological intervention, behavioral change, and possibly drug therapy.

More than a drug is required for insomnia

Persistent sleeplessness stems from a variety of factors, all of which should be addressed if a treatment plan is to succeed long-term. While many patients (10%-40% of the population) complain about insomnia, few actually seek help. In a recent survey, almost 30% of respondents complained about symptoms of insomnia, yet only 13% discussed them with…
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A later start benefits teens’ health

Delayed sleep phase syndrome shifts circadian rhythms and sleep and wake times, making it more difficult for teens to get up early.
Legal Advisor

A nurse fired for falling asleep on the job

After a nurse is fired for falling asleep at her job at a hospital, she claims that it was in retaliation for taking time off under the FMLA.
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