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Gouty arthritis: How to make the diagnosis

This painful disease greatly impacts the daily lives of those who suffer from it. Diagnosis, treatment, and lifestyle modification can ease long-term effects
Dermatologic Look-Alikes

Widespread Erythematous Rash

In Case 1, a 24-year-old man presents to his primary care physician with complaints of new-onset sore throat and fatigue. In Case 2, a 50-year-old man presents to an urgent care clinic complaining of a fast-developing pruritic rash after being stung by a wasp.
Dermatologic Look-Alikes

Violaceous Plaque On the Eyelid

When present, cutaneous sarcoidosis lesions are most often red-to-brown to violaceous papules and plaques.
Dermatologic Look-Alikes

Infants with hypopigmented processes

Two patients present with similar hyperpigmented spots on the skin — one with a series of macules on the cheek, and the other with lesions on his back.
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