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Infectious Diseases Information Center

COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates: Public and Expert Viewpoints

With many Americans awaiting to be vaccinated, while others indicating they are unlikely to get the jab, we spoke with 2 experts for their perspectives regarding this controversial topic.
Practice Management Information Center

Number of Nurse Practitioners Reaches Over 325,000

NPs provide patients with high-quality, comprehensive, patient-centered primary, acute, and specialty health care services in more than 1 billion patient visits each year.
Infectious Diseases, Infectious Diseases Information Center

COVID-19 and Urticaria: A Case Study

Cutaneous manifestations of COVID-19 are increasingly reported, with urticaria being one of the most common skin symptoms.
Infectious Diseases Information Center, Pain Management Information Center

Strategies for Minimizing Vaccination Pain in Children

Insufficient pain management during childhood immunizations may lead to increased fear of needles and later health care avoidance.
Infectious Diseases Information Center

2021 Updated Immunization Schedule for Children

The 2021 updates to the child and adolescent immunization schedule are designed to make immunization easier for parents and health care providers.
Infectious Diseases Information Center, Influenza Information Center

WHO Influenza Vaccine Recommendation for 2021-22

The 2020-21 flu season was historically low because of mitigating strategies applied to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
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