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Your search for vitamin D returned 520 results

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Boosting vitamin D

Should patients be kept on a vitamin D regimen year round?

Reassessing vitamin D levels in deficient patients

After determining vitamin D deficiency and prescribing an eight-week course of weekly ergocalciferol (vitamin D2), when is the best time to reassess with a blood test?

Vitamin D
 for colorectal 

Vitamin D and calcium supplements do not reduce the risk for the development of colorectal adenomas, according to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Vitamin D screening guidelines

A new Endocrine Society guideline for treating vitamin D deficiency calls for screening of persons at high risk for deficiency, but does not endorse such testing for others.
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Vit. D3 10mcg (400 IU); per 0.25mL; liq; contains medium chain triglycerides; alcohol-, dye-, and gluten-free.
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