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Help smokers quit on the 'DOT'

Help smokers quit on the 'DOT'

The Department of Transportation's new physical examination requirement helps employees quit smoking.

Encouraging patients to adopt healthier lifestyles

Encouraging patients to adopt healthier lifestyles

Disclosing his own cessation success, this veteran practitioner inspired a COPD patient to quit smoking.

Addressing decreased libido in smokers

Addressing decreased libido in smokers

What can be used to treat vaginal dryness and decreased libido in women who smoke?

Avoid vitamin A supplementation in smokers

Avoid vitamin A supplementation in smokers

Individuals who smoke or have ever smoked should avoid high-dose vitamin A supplementation due to a high correlation between smoking, vitamin A and lung cancer.

Physical activity interventions help teens quit smoking

The addition of a pedometer-based physical activity intervention to a smoking cessation program increased quit rates in teenagers, particularly in boys.

Cardioprotection in a complex patient

What is the best choice for cardioprotection in a woman aged 75 years with episodic symptomatic angina, MI one year earlier and a sensitivity to nitroglycerin patches and spray?

Depression treatment in an overweight recent ex-smoker

Which antidepressant would you recommend for a woman aged 47 years who presents with depressed mood, low energy, decreased motivation and hypersomnia?

Moving beyond "Just say no"

Moving beyond "Just say no"

Discourage teenagers from engaging in risky behaviors such as drug, tobacco and alcohol use in a meaningful way.

Tips for treating elevated homocysteine levels

What are the consequences of elevated homocysteine in young asymptomatic patients with and without comorbidities?

When is it appropriate to order abdominal ultrasound?

Clinician seeks guidelines for ordering abdominal ultrasound to detect asymptomatic abdominal aortic aneurysm in a smoker.

Does smoking after treatment for opioid addiction lead to relapse?

Does tobacco use after buprenorphine and naloxone (Suboxone) treatment encourage relapse?

Are electronic cigarettes safe?

Are e-cigarettes a better alternative to smoking?

When to suspect lung cancer, and what to do

When to suspect lung cancer, and what to do

If a patient smokes and reports a cough and weight loss, don't take any chances: Order an x-ray. And there are other symptoms to watch for, too.

Lung cancer mistaken as influenza

Relying only on her notes, a clinician was able to explain why a chest x-ray was not ordered sooner.

Misdiagnosis of smoker's chest pain

The patient seemed to have GERD and responded to treatment. But then he had a fatal heart attack.

Tongue plaque with offensive odor

Tongue plaque with offensive odor

The patient is concerned about a recent increase in his foul-smelling tongue discoloration.

Blocked artery goes undetected

The patient's ECG was first interpreted as normal, but he later suffered an MI following surgery.

Stroke risk per cigarette quantified

Any amount of cigarette smoking at all more than doubles a woman's risk of ischemic stroke.

The role of clinicians in smoking cessation

The role of clinicians in smoking cessation

The number of effective treatments to deter tobacco use is larger than ever. We offer a brief summary of what the experts recommend.

"Lung age" data get smokers to quit

Showing smokers that their lungs are aging faster than the rest of their bodies may motivate them to kick the habit.

Secondhand smoke worse than smoking?

What makes secondhand smoke worse for people who do not smoke?

Nicotine replacement to reduce smoking may increase quit rates

Among smokers who are not attempting to quit, nicotine-replacement therapy aimed at reducing cigarette consumption may nevertheless increase cessation rates.

How to help patients stop the smoking habit

How to help patients stop the smoking habit

Chewing tobacco should not be an alternative, new research confirms. An expert from the CDC tells what to recommend—or prescribe—instead.

Tobacco's effect on osteoporosis

Does smoking exacerbate osteoporosis?

Dysfunctional uterine bleeding in smokers

The Mirena intrauterine contraceptive may be helpful in treating perimenopausal women who smoke.

Nicotine replacement therapy appears wirthwhile for long-term smoking cessation

Replacement therapy included nicotine patch in five trials, nicotine gum in four trials, and nicotine nasal spray in three trials.

Smoking and HRT

Is smoking a contraindication for hormone therapy?

Perimenopausal bleeding in smokers

What safe treatments are available for dysfunctional uterine bleeding, especially if the patient won't quit smoking?

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