Surgery Opinion Archive

Postoperative pain control unsafe at any speed

Health-care providers need to focus on how to help patients undergoing major surgery effectively manage their pain.

Tissue adhesive: how to avoid sticky situations

Topical lidocaine with epinephrine, working in teams, and avoiding lid margins can help you glue like a pro.

Discussing delivery after a cesarean

Talks about trial of labor, vaginal birth, or elective repeat after cesarean should begin at a patient's first visit and continue throughout the course of the pregnancy.

Obesity, elective cesarean contribute to U.S. maternal mortality rate

Why are U.S. mothers still dying during birth when we spend more on health care than any other country in the world?

Nurse anesthetists deserve our support

More good news for advanced practice nurses and physician assistants, as California becomes the 15th state to liberalize requirements for nurse anesthetists to practice independently.

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