Surgery Clinical Pearls Archive

Easing pain during suturing

Easing pain during suturing

Steps to follow after wound irrigation to ensure patient comfort.

Size up, not down, when choosing a catheter for a man

Larger catheters are stiffer, thus better able to pass through the prostatic urethra.

Timely reminder to keep stretching

Getting patients to perform stretching exercises for minor rehabilitation can be problematic, but a physician assistant shares his secret for improving compliance.

Preventing diarrhea after esophageal reconstruction

Advising patients to take OTC antidiarrheal medications at specific times in relation to when they eat their meals can help reduce the number of bowel movements.

Facilitating self-care in patients wearing rigid collars

Practical advice to make life easier for patients who wear rigid collars.

Preventing abrasions caused by rigid cervical collars

Padding collars with fleece or felt is an inexpensive way to protect pressure areas.

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