Case Studies

OrthoDx: Knee Pain After Impact Injury

A 22-year-old woman presents to the office with severe right knee pain. She notes that she was struck in the knee by her sprinting dog. Since the injury, she is having severe pain when weight-bearing on the right leg. What is the best treatment option?

DermDx: Hypopigmented Rash on Neck

A 45-year-old man is referred for evaluation of a neck rash that started approximately 2 years ago. He works as a roofer, smokes cigarettes, and frequently experiences sunburns. What is the most likely diagnosis?

OrthoDx: Knee Pain From Football Injury

A 15-year-old patient presents to an urgent care facility with left knee pain after striking his knee on a cement wall while playing football. What is the next best treatment option?

DermDx: History of Tick Bite

A 52-year-old woman presents with a lesion on her right inner thigh. The patient had a tick bite at the site approximately 8 months ago. The tick tested positive for anaplasmosis. What is the most likely diagnosis?

OrthoDx: Groin Pain in Hockey Player

A 21-year-old hockey player presents with a 6-month history of left groin pain. He has been able to play through the pain until he recently aggravated the injury during a game. What is the best treatment option?

DermDx: Itchy Rash on Legs

A 12-year-old patient presents with the chief complaint of a burning pruritic rash on her legs that was diagnosed 4 days prior as contact dermatitis. What is the likely diagnosis?

DermDx: Large Ulceration in 3-Month-Old Infant

A 3-month-old baby is brought to the clinic for assessment of an ulcerative lesion on her left labia. Her parents state that she was born with a birthmark at the ulcer site, which has rapidly changed over the past 3 weeks and occasionally bleeds. Can you make the diagnosis?

OrthoDx: Shoulder Pain With Raised Arm

A 48-year-old man presents with left shoulder pain that has been present for 3 months. The patient notes that the pain is worse when reaching over his head. What is the most likely cause of his pain?

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