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Lower Extremity Swelling and Rash

Case 1 A 58-year-old obese African American man with congestive heart failure presents with swelling and lesions on his lower extremities. He first noticed the swelling 2 years earlier, and several painless, wart-like lesions have developed over the past few months. He reports having had a few skin infections in the same region for which…

Small, Asymptomatic Nodules on the Trunk

Case 1 A 16-year-old girl presents with a collection of bluish-gray and brown papules on her trunk; the lesions are about the size of a pin-head or match-head. She states that she first noticed these lesions several years ago. The lesions are neither pruritic nor painful, but she is bothered by their appearance. She states…

Diffuse Bullous Skin Lesions

In Case 1, 55-year-old man presents to the clinic with multiple tense bullae diffusely involving his trunk and extremities that overlie urticarial plaques. In Case 2, 40-year-old African American man presented to the clinic with a few small flaccid blisters as well as multiple crusted erosions and some areas of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation on his back and in the creases of his elbows.

Case #1

Dark Patch of Skin

Case #1 A 1-month old male infant whose family recently moved to the area presents to your office to establish care. The patient’s father says that he was born with “a patch of raw skin,” but he cannot recall the specific diagnosis. The patient is otherwise healthy and developing normally; there is no family history…

Case #1

Scaling rash on the palms

Case #1 A 56-year-old woman presents with a 2-month history of a very itchy rash on the palm of her right hand. Another provider had prescribed a triamcinolone cream that offered improvement in the first few days of use, after which the rash spread and became worse. The patient has a family history of psoriasis,…

Case #1

Enlarging brown spots

Case #1 A woman, aged 65 years, presents for evaluation of a “mole” or spot that has been present on her arm for a few years. She says that the spot that worried her was slightly bigger than the rest of the “brown spots” on her body, it had increased slightly in size, and it…

Case #1

Small, vascular, red and violet lesions

Case #1 A woman, aged 45 years, presents for a routine skin check and complains of bright red spots on her chest and abdomen. She reports that these spots have increased in number over the years. The patient developed the first lesion when she was aged approximately 30 years. She states some lesions have also…

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