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Dermatology CME/CE

Scaly plaques after 
onychomycosis therapy

A Caucasian male, aged 67 years, presented to the dermatology clinic. Some years earlier, he had used terbinafine for onychomycosis for 3 months; several months later, erythematous annular scaly plaques developed on the sun-exposed scalp, chest, back, and extensor arms. A review of systems was negative for arthritis, seizures, and psychosis. Serologies were notable for…

May 2014 Dermatology CME/CE

Oral hyperpigmentation

 A 13-year-old male presented to the dermatology clinic with brown spots. The lesions were asymptomatic and had been present since childhood. No prior treatment had been initiated. Physical examination revealed brown macules on the lips and the anogenital region, within the oral cavity, and on bilateral dorsal hands. The patient had no significant…

Vesicular eruption 
in an ICU patient

A 31-year-old male with no known medical history had been admitted to the surgical intensive-care unit (ICU) service with traumatic brain injury following a motor-vehicle accident. The surgical team grew concerned about a two-day history of vesicles over the man’s trunk and extremities. On admission to the hospital three weeks earlier, the patient had been…

Hyperpigmented patches on the back

A 56-year-old Asian-American man presented with an intensely pruritic rash on his back that had worsened over the past several months. Initially attributing the itch to dry skin, he began to use a daily moisturizer, but the itch did not improve. The man reported constant use of a back-scratcher. No associated fevers, myalgia, joint pains,…

Yellow scalp patches with mild scaling

A male infant, aged 12 weeks, developed scaly patches and dandruff on his scalp. The condition did not seem bothersome to the child, but his mother expressed cosmetic concerns. The patient was born at full term via uncomplicated caesarean section due to failure of labor to progress and was discharged home at age 4 days…

April 2014 Dermatology CME/CE

Excoriations on extensor surfaces

 A white woman, aged 36 years, presented with a severely pruritic eruption on her upper and lower extremities and on her lower back. The rash had been present for six months and tended to wax and wane with no alleviating or aggravating factors. Erythematous excoriated papules were noted on bilateral extensor forearms, elbows,…

March 2014 Dermatology CME/CE

Read the Dermatology Look Alike and two Dermatology Clinics and complete the post test to earn 0.50 CE credits for Nurse Practitioners or 0.50 CME credits for Physician Assistants.