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Dermatology CME/CE

Thick and keratotic 
lesions on both shins

A man, aged 83 years, presented with thick bumps on his legs. The man had noticed a hard growth on his leg four weeks earlier and had no recollection of previous trauma to the area. Over the next week, more bumps appeared on the anterior surface of both legs. These growing lesions were described as…

Itchless, red and crusted trunk papules

A Hispanic man, aged 32 years, presented with a rash that started one year earlier. Over that time, the man had developed crops of reddish-brown, crusted, and nonpruritic papules on his trunk. The patient’s medical history was noncontributory, and his social history was negative for family members with similar lesions. The man denied the use…

Blistering rash in the groin

Case #1 
 A man, aged 64 years, presented with pruritic blisters in the groin and bilateral axillae. The blisters began two weeks ago during a hospital stay in which he received IV vancomycin (Vancocin) for an infection. No oral erosions were reported. The man was not currently taking any medications. Physical examination revealed tense…

Growing nasal lesion with asymmetry

A man, aged 67 years, presented for a full skin examination. No personal history of skin cancer or family history of malignant melanoma was reported. As a teenager and young adult the man worked as a lifeguard and used no sun protection. For the past 20 years, he has worked as a contractor, spending most…

Painless brown macules on the lips and fingers

A young woman, aged 18 years, presented for evaluation of “moles” that developed on her lips in early childhood. No pain or pruritus associated with these lesions was reported. Medical history was significant for removal of polyps in the patient’s colon. Review of systems was negative for fever, chills, and weight loss. No family history…

January 2014 Dermatology CME/CE

Asymptomatic scrotal lesions

Case #1 
 A man, aged 21 years, was referred to dermatology for evaluation of scrotal lesions. The man first noted the asymptomatic lesions several months earlier. The lesions were confined to the scrotum but were of considerable concern to the patient, who was about to be married. The man’s primary-care clinician had diagnosed the…

November 2013 Dermatology CME/CE

November 2013 Dermatology CME/CE

Read the Dermatology Look Alike and two Dermatology Clinics and complete the post test to earn 0.50 CE credits for Nurse Practitioners or 0.50 CME credits for Physician Assistants.

Young boys with desquamating skin

CASE #1 A boy, aged 4 years, was brought to the emergency department (ED). His parents reported that he had experienced recurrent ear infections over the past eight months, the most recent of which had occurred two weeks earlier and had been treated with sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim (Bactrim, Septra, Sulfatrim). Three days before presenting to the ED,…

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