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Clinical Quiz: Atopic Dermatitis

As the prevalence of atopic dermatitis has been increasing over the past few decades, it is important for clinicians to be fully informed about this inflammatory skin disease to ensure optimal care of their patients.  Assess your knowledge of this chronic relapsing condition by completing our clinical quiz.

Circumscribed Hyperpigmented Lesions

A 10-year-old child presents for evaluation of a 5-day history of lesions on the hands. Examination reveals multiple circumscribed, hyperpigmented lesions.  The lesions appeared 12 hours after the patient took oral ibuprofen for fever. Three months earlier, identical lesions appeared in the same locations after the patient took the same medication for 3 days. This…

Annular Erythematous Plaque

A 29-year-old white man presents with a 10-day history of a scaly, pruritic lesion on his right posterior thigh. His medical and family histories are unremarkable. On examination, the lesion is an annular erythematous plaque with trailing scale. The polycyclic plaque has a central clearing. Biopsy is performed, the results of which show a dense…

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