DermDx: Reticulated Rash on Inner Thigh

A 48-year-old woman presents with a progressing discoloration on her bilateral anterior thighs. She states that “it is extremely cold in my office and I have to warm myself all the time.” Can you make the diagnosis?

DermDx: Hypopigmented Rash on Neck

A 45-year-old man is referred for evaluation of a neck rash that started approximately 2 years ago. He works as a roofer, smokes cigarettes, and frequently experiences sunburns. What is the most likely diagnosis?

DermDx: History of Tick Bite

A 52-year-old woman presents with a lesion on her right inner thigh. The patient had a tick bite at the site approximately 8 months ago. The tick tested positive for anaplasmosis. What is the most likely diagnosis?

DermDx: Itchy Rash on Legs

A 12-year-old patient presents with the chief complaint of a burning pruritic rash on her legs that was diagnosed 4 days prior as contact dermatitis. What is the likely diagnosis?

DermDx: Large Ulceration in 3-Month-Old Infant

A 3-month-old baby is brought to the clinic for assessment of an ulcerative lesion on her left labia. Her parents state that she was born with a birthmark at the ulcer site, which has rapidly changed over the past 3 weeks and occasionally bleeds. Can you make the diagnosis?

DermDx: Swollen Lips

A 16-year-old patient with an 8-year history of psoriasis presents to the office with a swollen lip. She reports that her psoriasis is currently being treated with topical steroids and UV light therapy. Can you make the diagnosis?

DermDx: Disfigured Fingernails

A 45-year-old man presents to the dermatology clinic requesting treatment for disfigured fingernails. What is the most likely diagnosis?

DermDx: Papule on Neck

A 58-year-old woman is requesting removal of a lesion on her neck. The patient notes that the growth has been present for approximately 1 year. Can you make the diagnosis?

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