DermDx: Scalp Lesions With Drainage and Lymphadenopathy

A 2-year-old boy presents to a health center after a recent emergency department (ED) visit for evaluation of persistent scalp lesions. On physical examination, the scalp lesions have visible drainage with honey-colored crusting, hair loss, and lymphadenopathy. Can you make the correct diagnosis?

DermDx: Raised Lesion on Back

DermDx: Raised Lesion on Back

A 50-year-old Hispanic man is referred for evaluation of a raised, darkened area on his upper back. He states that the site was first noted approximately 6 months ago and has rapidly enlarged. Can you diagnose this case?

DermDx: Expanding Raised Rash

A 9-year-old boy is currently being treated for severe eczema with dupilumab injections and topical steroids and develops a new rash. What is the most likely diagnosis?

DermDx: Flat Lesions on Hands

A 63-year-old man is referred for diagnosis and treatment of lesions on both hands and wrists, which were first noted several weeks ago and have been increasing in number. What is the most likely diagnosis?

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