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Erectile Dysfunction

Controlling health costs

The comments by Gail Koelker, MSN, RN-C, FNP (Item 115-3), reflect the need to avoid unnecessary expense in the workup of her patient with erectile dysfunction. In reply, David T. Noyes, MD, also suggests less expensive alternatives. Both these sentiments suggest a cause, as well as a remedy, for the spiraling costs of health care.…

Erectile dysfunction workup

An otherwise healthy, nonsmoking 53-year-old man complains of erectile dysfunction (ED). His testosterone level is low (237 ng/dL), and his prolactin is slightly elevated (36.7 ng/dL). Complete metabolic panel as well as prostate-specific antigen, follicle-stimulating hormone, thyroid-stimulating hormone, and luteinizing hormone levels are normal. He is self-pay and I don’t want to commit to unnecessary…

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