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Fibrate used in combination with statin approved

The FDA has approved Trilipix (fenofibric acid), a delayed-release capsule for use along with diet to treat dyslipidemia. Trilipix is the first fibrate to be approved for use in combination with a statin.

Top 10 health stories of 2008

Blood sugar goals, stem cells, CT scans, health reform–these are some of the issues to make the list of most important stories of the year, as chosen by the Harvard Health Letter.

Fabric softener for louse nits

To remove nits after treating for lice, work a small amount of fabric softener into the patient’s hair and scalp, cover with a plastic shower cap for 20 minutes, and then comb out.—RETA LUMPKIN, MSN, CFNP, FNP-C, Picayune, Miss. (118-19)

When the taste buds start to go

The last two taste sensations to diminish in elderly patients are sweet and sour, so be sure to include snacks that feature those flavors when trying to improve senior appetites. Also, watch out for supplement drinks that make the patient feel full without the additional benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables.—BETTY PELLETIER, ANP, Chapin, S.C.…


If a woman relates a history that makes you highly suspicious of spousal abuse, are you obligated to report this to the authorities? What if the woman is adamant in her…


For the past six months I have been treating plantar warts on the foot of a 20-year-old woman. After two Histofreeze treatments, the warts appeared…

When to start low HDL treatment

What is the current recommendation for treating isolated low HDL levels? My patient is a 37-year-old white nonsmoker, whose original total cholesterol was…

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