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Wear your white coat on house calls

Always wear your white coat when conducting home visits. Patients—particularly those with dementia—find this comforting. It lets them know that the person who has come into their home is a “doctor” and that everything will be OK.—HEATHER EMANUEL, PA-C, Lacona, N.Y. (126-12)

Top 10 health stories of 2008

Blood sugar goals, stem cells, CT scans, health reform–these are some of the issues to make the list of most important stories of the year, as chosen by the Harvard Health Letter.

Psychiatric screening for adolescents

As is common in many locales, there is a significant wait to see a pediatric psychiatrist in my area. What are the recommendations for starting patients on antidepressants or atypical agents? We conduct basic screening (Patient Health Questionnaire [PHQ] and Mood Disorder Questionnaire), but are there other tools that are more useful for adolescents?—Deanna Bridge,…

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