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Blood from a patient with severe iron deficiency anemia

Anemia complicates CHF

Chronic heart failure (CHF) patients with anemia are more likely to face adverse outcomes than those without anemia, according to a recent meta-analysis.

Recombinant factor VIII for hemophilia A

Product: Xyntha Company: Wyeth Pharmacologic class: Clotting factor Active ingredient: Antihemophilic Factor (recombinant): nominally 250 IU, 500 IU, 1,000 IU, or 2,000 IU per vial; powder for IV infusion after reconstitution; plasma/ albumin-free; preservative-free; contains polysorbate 80. Actual factor VIII activity noted on each vial. Indication: In hemophilia A: to control bleeding episodes, and for…

Difficult-to-assess blood findings

For the past several years, on a consistent basis, an asymptomatic 70-year-old Asian American man has had the following hematologic findings (with lab ranges) indicative of…

Use aspirin in thrombocytopenic patients?

Is the use of aspirin contraindicated for primary prevention of heart disease in a patient with stable idiopathic thrombocytopenia whose platelet count has been in the 90,000/µL range for at least two years?—Katherine McClanahan, DO, Circleville, Ohio Low-dose aspirin (81 mg) should not pose a problem at a platelet count of 90,000. A count <50,000…

Low vitamin D linked to PAD, anemia

Low blood levels of vitamin D may contribute to the development of peripheral arterial disease (PAD), according to new findings. The incidence of PAD among those with the lowest serum levels of vitamin D was more than double that among those with the highest levels. Researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in The…

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