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Top 10 health stories of 2008

Blood sugar goals, stem cells, CT scans, health reform–these are some of the issues to make the list of most important stories of the year, as chosen by the Harvard Health Letter.

Ambulatory BP betters office reads for CV risk

A recent report found that office BP has no value in predicting cardiovascular (CV) morbidity and mortality in patients with resistant hypertension. Higher ambulatory measurements, however, are good indicators of these outcomes, according to the same report.

Divergent BPs at Home and the Office

If you record a high BP in the office, but the patient says it is normal at home, should the dosage of his antihypertensive medication be adjusted? Is 24-hour monitoring of…

High BP in a compliant diabetic?

A 71-year-old man with well-controlled type 2 diabetes and no cardiovascular disease has a total cholesterol well below 200 mg/dL and an LDL <100 mg/dL, but his HDL ranges from 20-29 mg/dL. His systolic BP has been elevated (140-160 mm Hg) since age 18, but it drops to the 120s or 130s when taken a…

Titrating antihypertensive meds

How soon after starting a patient on an antihypertensive medication should its effects be reviewed and the dosage adjusted?—Bhavana Japi, MD, New Hyde Park, N.Y. The timing of dosage adjustment depends on three factors: the class of medication, the severity of the hypertension, and the ability of the patient to follow home BP and titrate…

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