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OrthoDx: Left Knee Pain in Older Woman

An 82-year-old woman presents with a 4-month history of left knee pain. She denies a known injury or precipitating event and previous treatments have not helped. What is the likely cause of her pain?

OrthoDx: Hip Pain After a Fall

A 69-year-old man presents to the emergency department (ED) with right hip pain after a fall on ice a few hours earlier. He notes that he was unable to get up and walk after the fall and was transported to the ED via ambulance. What is the best treatment option?

OrthoDx: Medial Compartment Knee Arthritis

A 55-year-old man presents to the office with a 1-year history of right knee pain. The patient reports a history of medial compartment knee arthritis. What would be your recommendation for arthroplasty: total or unicompartmental?

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