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White plaques on the tongue

Case #1 A white man, aged 33 years, presented with lesions on his tongue that had been present for three months. The lesions began as white plaques that enlarged and developed a central erythematous atrophic area. The lesions seemed to heal and develop in new areas on his tongue every week. No pain, pruritus, or…

Enlarging annular plaques and patches

A white man, aged 63 years, was referred for evaluation of annular papulosquamous plaques and patches that first appeared on his arms and legs about one year earlier. Multiple providers had diagnosed him with psoriasis, fungal infection, and “ringworm.” Despite the application of triamcinolone 0.1% and clotrimazole/betamethasone (Lotrisone) creams, the lesions continued to grow. No…

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