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Eight apps for a healthy holiday

With the holiday season in full swing, clinicians and patients alike face difficulties in staying healthy and happy. Click through our slideshow for a list of apps to help you and yours through the busy holiday season.

The exact causes of depression are unknown. Like many psychiatric disorders, scientists believe a combination of factors may contribute to the development of depression. Patients with depression have physical changes in their brain structure, but the exact significance of the changes still needs to be explored. There is a genetic component to depression, and people with a biological relative with the disorder are more likely to develop it themselves. Depression can also be triggered by traumatic life events or hormonal changes.

Mood disorders

The category of mood disorders includes psychiatric disorders with a primary symptom of disturbance in mood that is inconsistent with circumstances. It is estimated that nearly 21 million adults in the United States have a mood disorder. Usually, people with mood disorders can be successfully treated through medications and/or psychotherapy. Click through the slideshow to…

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