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OrthoDx: Shoulder Pain in Weight Lifter

A 43-year old man presents with left shoulder pain after performing a bench press 2 days earlier. He reports he had immediate pain, felt a “pop” in the shoulder, and was unable to lift the bar any higher. What is the best treatment?

OrthoDx: Ski Injury in Teen

A 16-year-old boy presents to the office with left knee pain and instability after a ski injury that occurred 2 days ago. What is the best treatment option?

OrthoDx: Knee Pain From Football Injury

A 15-year-old patient presents to an urgent care facility with left knee pain after striking his knee on a cement wall while playing football. What is the next best treatment option?

OrthoDx: Ankle Sprain or Salter-Harris Injury?

An 11-year-old boy presents with left ankle pain after twisting his ankle while playing basketball 2 days earlier. He has pain and swelling in the ankle and is having trouble bearing weight on that side. Can you make the diagnosis?

OrthoDx: Mallet Finger

A 32-year-old woman presents with pain and deformity to the fourth digit of the left hand. She reports jamming her finger while playing basketball 2 days earlier. What is the best treatment option?

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