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CRP vs. LDL as a stroke predictor

In my practice, C-reactive protein (CRP) appears to be better than LDL at predicting such ischemic events as infarcts or strokes. Among my patients at high risk for ischemic events, those treated with rosuvastatin and simvastatin seem to do better than those taking other statins. (Those taking the ACE inhibitor ramipril also do well, but…

Stopping meds post atrial fibrillation flutter

How long should a patient whose cardiac chambers show no evidence of enlargement remain on antiarrhythmic and anticoagulation medications after conversion from atrial fibrillation flutter to sinus rhythm?—NELSON C. YU, MD, Baxter, Ky. If this was an isolated instance, two weeks will do. If this is a recurrent problem, consideration should be given to continued…

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