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Treatment includes compression therapy and a simple adherent dressing.

Chronic foot and leg ulcer treatment

I frequently use Unna boots or DuoDerm or Vigilon dressings to treat chronic leg/foot ulcers. While these treatments eventually work most of the time, is there a more efficient approach?—CORBIN ROGERS, MHS, PA-C, Denver Tailoring the treatment to the cause and etiology of the leg ulcer is the most important step in wound therapy. Malnutrition…

Timely therapy for oral ulcers

What are the most time efficient interventions to shorten the duration of oral ulcers?—Hillel B. Naiman, MD, Spring Valley, N.Y. First, it is important to ascertain the diagnosis. The differential diagnosis could include aphthous ulcers, trauma, and, rarely, intraoral herpes simplex, as well as many other rare entities. Assuming that the diagnosis is aphthous ulcers,…

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