The Peer Network Terms

At The Clinical Advisor, we recognize the expertise of our audience and the importance of sharing knowledge in medicine. That's why we're introducing The Peer Network, a social rewards system that will give you points and badges for doing the things you love on our site, while acknowledging your clinical acumen.

The terms associated with The Peer Network are listed below. Click here for more information.

Scholar - reach 50 points
Consultant - reach 250 points
Mentor - reach 490 points
Junior Clinical Advisor - reach 780 points
Clinical Advisor - reach 1140 points
Clinical Advisor MS - reach 1620 points
Clinical Advisor PhD - reach 2310 points
Dean - reach 3420 points

Action Points Description
Visit 25 Visit the website
Read Article 10 Read an article
Share (Tweet, like, +1, e-mail) 50 Share Clinical Advisor news content via social media
Comment on article
Answer Derm Dx
Answer a Derm Dx challenge
Vote in poll 50 Vote in a poll
Video Play
View a video
Read slideshow
10 View a slideshow
Read specific slideshow
View a slideshow assigned to a specific topic tag
Answer Derm Dx correctly
50 Make the correct diagnosis in a Derm Dx challenge
Read article in Derm Lookalike section
Read an article in the Derm Lookalike section
Complete registration
Read Derm Clinic slideshow
5 View Derm Clinic slideshow
Read Advisor Forum article
Read an article in the Advisor Forum section
Read CME article
Read article in CME section
Clickthrough from an e-newsletter
20 Click on link in Clinical Advisor e-newsletter
Submit Cartoon Caption
75 Submit an entry to be in the running to win the Cartoon Caption Contest
Vote in Cartoon Contest
25 Tell us which cartoon caption you think is funniest
Cartoon Contest Finalist
150 Submit a funny caption and become one of three monthly finalists in the Cartoon Caption Contest
Cartoon Contest Winner
250 Make us laugh and you could win the monthly Cartoon Caption Contest
Submit pearl or question
Submit a clinical pearl or question
Submit Derm Dx 300 Submit a Derm Dx case and you could be published on the Clinical Advisor
Submit Editorial content 500 Submit editorial content (blog, feature etc.)
Publish editorial content 500 Submit editorial content and have it published

Newbie - Visit Clinical Advisor 1 time.
Observer - Visit the website 2 times.
Tourist - Visit the website 3 times.
Explorer- Visit the website 5 times.
Bookworm- Read 2 articles.
Senior Bookworm - Read 5 articles.
Lucky Guess- Answer 1 Derm Dx correctly.
Derm Novice - Answer 2 Derm Dxs correctly.
Derm Genius - Answer 4 Derm Dxs correctly
Derm Dxpert - Answer 8 Derm Dxs correctly.
Conversationalist - Post 1 comment.
Networker - Post 2 comments.
Stimulator - Post 3 comments.
Commentator - Post 5 comments.
Thought Leader - Post 10 comments.
Pollster - Answer 2 polls.
Socializer - Share via social media 1 time.
Social Butterfly - Share via social media 5 times.
Video Screener - Watch 1 video.
Channel Surfer - Watch 3 videos.
Media Buff - Watch 5 videos.
Derm-Caster - Share a Derm Dx.
Derm Decipherer - Read 1 article in Derm Lookalike section.
Whiz - Read 1 Advisor Forum article.
Egghead - Read 1 CME article.
Dermophile - Read 2 Derm Clinic slideshows.
Icebreaker - Post the first comment on an article.
Guru - Submit a clinical pearl or question.

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